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Zambia is bordered by eight countries with its premier attraction being Victoria Falls, one of the world’s seven natural wonders. It is spectacular!

With a total population of 13 million people, Zambia is sparsely populated with more than 70 ethnic groups, many of them Bantu speaking.
Zambia offers a truly authentic African holiday experience. The depth of the culture and the drama of the landscape and wildlife offer a truly exceptional experience.

There are various National Parks, South Luangwa National Park being the country’s premier game reserve. It covers a vast area of 9,050 square kilometres and offers an astonishing density and diversity of predators and prey. It also offers walking safaris where you can get up close with the wild animals and camp under the stars after a day in the bush. The Luangwa River meanders through the Park providing life to the flora and fauna in the area.

Game viewing is at its best in the dry months from June. In September and October animals congregate around waterholes, rivers and lakes. However, game viewing is good all-year round.

Kafue National Park is one of the largest reserves in the world. It offers antelope, hippos and predators congregating along the Busanga floodplains. Take sunset cruises in Lower Zambezi National Park or paddle down the river on a canoe. Lower Zambezi National Park lies along the northern bank of the Zambezi River.

Musio-Tunya National Park is the smallest park in Zambia. It is situated in Livingston. Wildlife to be seen here includes rhino, elephant, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, impala and baboon.

There are several magnificent waterfalls, in fact 21, making it a must for adventure enthusiasts.

Lusaka is the capital and is served by a number of international airlines. Spend a night in the charming, manic, African city on your way in or out.

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