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National Volcanoes Park lies in north western Rwanda and borders Rwanda and Uganda. This national park spans 13 000 hectares and is a sanctuary for the endangered mountain gorilla.

Volcanoes, a rainforest and bamboo are all found in this area. Experience a breathtaking safari taking a mountain gorilla tour on the volcanic slopes.

Stay in a luxurious Lodge situated in a tea plantation on the edge of the rain forest in the Nyungwe National Park, just 250 kilometres from Kigali. You can experience many primate species including chimpanzees. The Park also offers a canopy walk set 50 meters above ground.

Stay close to the headquarters of the Parc National des Volcans from where you can experience a trek on foot to see the magnificent Mountain Gorilla.

Wonderful scenery can be seen from the foothills of the mighty Virunga Volcanoes.

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