Welcome to our new website

Together with the launch of our new website we will be sending out newsletters from time to time with innovative information, while never neglecting our core business of bespoke itineraries for inbound travel
to Africa!

Family holidays is one of the areas on which we are concentrating in response to client demand. We have unearthed a large number of venues which focus specifically on family holidays and children’s activities. Some are well known and others are wonderful secrets! Examples include a working farm which focuses on exposing children to nature and life on a farm. Activities include feeding the animals, egg hunting, supervised tractor rides, fishing in the dams. All the while mom and dad can relax and recharge. Another stunning venue offers children’s safaris and other family activity options for all ages.

Although summer seems far away, now is the time to start thinking about your Summer bookings. With Cape Town again being voted one of the world’s most desirable destinations, record numbers of visitors are expected this year.

In the News – Danger of Online Bookings

A recent article in a local newspaper highlighted the risks of booking and paying for holiday accommodation online. Fraudsters set up authentic looking websites offering excellent rates. The sites are indistinguishable from the genuine sites. They use photos and details sourced from the internet but substitute their own bank details. In many instances the victims only discover that they have no booking when they arrive at the venue. To exacerbate matters they have probably spent a great deal on travel.


It’s not too late to take advantage of fabulous winter specials. We have a substantial list of these. Contact us for details!

Forthcoming Events

We will keep you advised of forthcoming events in our newsletters and blogs. One to bear in mind at this time of the year is the great wildebeest migration, one of the world’s most amazing wildlife events. It involves up to two and a half million animals migrating in search of food and water. It is a circular journey that happens through the year but peaks in the second half of the year.


Should you have any questions relating to your own particular needs, please fee free to contact us.