Focus – Maputo, Mozambique

Mozambique is well known for its white palm-fringed beaches and island feel, but the capital, Maputo, is the hub of this country. It offers a very lively culture scene with Portuguese influences. The avenues are lined with cafes, the eclectic architecture is painted in different colours, the sounds of jazz at night with the aroma of delicious food with Arab, Indian, Portuguese and African flavours make Maputo an exotic destination to visit.

Explore Maputo on foot with a guide, learning about the history and architecture; take a ferry to Inhaca Island to swim, snorkel or dive; shop here and there for scarves, jewelry, furniture, sarongs, arts & crafts.

The Fish Market offers a taste of Mozambique’s seafood, langoustine sashimi, and tasty crab Matapa which is a traditional dish. Top fine dining restaurants, cheap and cheerful restaurants and cocktail bars!

Beautiful accommodation with plush rooms, swimming pools and decks . . . peaceful times in nature sitting next to splashing waves and bobbing yachts at sunset. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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